The Bar AthleticsThe Bar Athletics

Premier Human Biomechanics Center in Northeast Ohio

Our Mission is to Help You Succeed


The Bar Athletics

Our mission is to help humans perform better at everyday life.

From the moment we opened our doors, we have strived to integrate ourselves into the Willoughby community in order to help foster a healthy, happy place to live, work, and play.

For those who don’t know us, we pride ourselves on helping people change their lives with physical activity, community, accountability, and education to become the healthiest version of themselves. The goal is to guide, train, and empower people to conquer life outside the gym.


A Team of Coaches that get results, consistently

The Bar Athletics

Our community is what makes us special, and it's what will keep you going.

We understand how intimidating it can be to get started on a new wellness journey. We aim to make your path as simple as possible.

We founded The Bar Athletics in 2012 because we realized that we could turn our passion for health and helping people into a full-time effort.

We don’t believe in quick fixes or gimmicks. We care about your long-term success above all else.


Boost Symmetry

Decrease Pain

Increase Mobility

Lose Weight

Improve Posture

Fight Stress

Conveniently located one mile from Downtown Willoughby

Working out at the gym isn't easy, but getting there shouldn't be hard. We are easily accessible from all of Northeast Ohio and surrounding communities.

38845 Mentor Avenue Suite C Willoughby OH 44094
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We believe that the greatest gift you can give your family, the world, and most importantly, yourself is a healthy you.

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