Heath Wenzel

Heath Wenzel

Founder, Coach, Athlete, Adventurer

I love being outdoors! This year I logged over 30 miles while hiking 13 of the 26 peaks in Acadia National Park. I also hiked and climbed throughout Joshua Tree National Park, took up skiing again after 20 years of snowboarding, and honed my paddle boarding skills. I love lifting heavy things! During a recent strength cycle I was able to back squat 205 pounds 20 times with quality technique. I also ran my first timed 5K.


14 years of coaching experience

CF Level I and II

CF Kettlebell

CF Gymnastics

CF Kids

Freestyle Insider hosted by Carl Paoli

Olympic Weightlifting Seminars facilitated by U.S Olympians; Fred Lowe, and Kendrick Farris

About Coach

My childhood and teenage years were spent building forts with friends, playing baseball and running track. I also spent many summers in our family cabin in rural Canada, which is why I naturally gravitated towards outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, biking, surfing and snow boarding. I've had two defining experiences that were related to physical and mental wellness. In my teenage years I ended up in a mental facility for 90 days due to poor mental health and behaviors, and a program called Outward Bound literally saved my life. In my mid thirties I contracted Acute Hep B and was hospitalized for 10 days. My recovery was based 100% in healing with whole foods, which not only lessened the recovery time frame by half, it amazed my doctors! What I've learned during my life is that at some point everyone needs guidance, motivation and accountability to develop as human beings. What motivated me to become a coach is an industry that is often times confusing, and motivated by egos and financial gain, not mental and physical wellness.

Turning Point

Low self esteem and low self image have been a character throughout my life's story. Even though I was an honor student and an all star athlete, I never felt "good enough", and suffered from body dysmorphia. It wasn't until I was in my early thirties that I had an experience that would alter my mindset about self worth. I was living in Myrtle Beach S.C. and training at Pepper Geddings Recreation Facility when I had a life altering conversation. I was training alongside a guy who weighed about 185 pounds with large, smooth muscle and had what I considered the "ideal body". For whatever reason I had the courage to comment on his "perfect" physique. He looks at me and says, I've always wished I was as lean, muscular and vascular like you. I was SHOCKED! Why would anyone want this body that I had spent my lifetime hating? It was a game changer. Now, do I still struggle with body issues from time to time? Yes!!! However, I am far more grateful for the body I was given, do my best to treat it well, and train with a mindset rooted in longevity.

Motivation & Passion

Over the last 14 years of working with all ages and walks of life I've learned that people are best served by an empathetic trainer. The ability to pivot and meet clients wherever they are on their fitness journey is crucial for their success. Motivation, accountability, empowerment and education are pillars in my coaching philosophy. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a new comer to fitness, I would be honored if you'd allow me to be a part of your journey. We are the Home to Your Possibilities!

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