Heath Wenzel

Heath Wenzel

Founder, Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner


14 years of coaching experience

Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner

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Over the last 14 years of working with all ages and walks of life I've learned that people are best served by an empathetic trainer. The ability to pivot and meet clients wherever they are on their fitness journey is crucial for their success. Motivation, accountability, empowerment and education are pillars in my coaching philosophy. Whether you are an experienced athlete or a new comer to fitness, I would be honored if you'd allow me to be a part of your journey. We are the Home to Your Possibilities!

Client Testimonial

I have been a personal training client for 2.5 years. My coach, Heath, has helped me develop the right muscles and skillset to be successful in my chosen sport of Obstacle Course Racing. A few months ago, we started training a little differently when he introduced me to Functional Patterns. At first, it seemed unorthodox. The results have been extraordinary though. I’ve struggled with my posture for years and now I can sit, stand and move with good posture and less pain. This has in turn improved my running form as I can now recruit different muscles to support previously overworked muscles. As I’ve gotten older, I resigned myself to a slow decline in performance. I now feel confident that I can make improvements again thanks to Heath. Jennifer C.

I have been working with Coach Heath for many years now. And it's pretty special to find a fitness/wellness facility that can adapt to your life/health changing needs over the long term. This fitness center has something to offer and truly help anyone attain their fitness and lifestyle goals. I would give this business and the coaches more than 5 stars if I could! Thank you! Lucille S.

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