What is BURN?

BURN is a group rowing class, the first of its kind on the eastside of Cleveland. This 30-minute, high-intensity, low-impact, conditioning and endurance workout is focused on rowing technique and light weight training. Participants will warm up by breaking down proper rowing techniques, followed by intervals of rowing variations and short weight training and body-weight exercises.

The Benefits of Rowing?

Rowing is one of the lowest impact forms of cardio for joints, yet each stroke on the rowing machine works 84% of muscles for a true total body workout. Combine these bursts of rowing activity with strength exercises and you have a safe workout that BURNS more calories and improves endurance, all while having fun!

At just 30 minutes in length, and with its low-impact format, this is a no excuses workout for any schedule and any body.

Come join the crew, and experience the BURN.


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