Sara Rimes

Sara Rimes

Coach, Movement Specialist, Doctor of Chiropractic

I'm proud that I'm able to do double unders, strict pulls ups, and toes to bar.


Doctor of Chiropractic

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Exercise I-III

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization Weightlifting

Bachelor's in Applied Health Science

About Coach

I grew up in Kirtland and went on to graduate from NDCL, BGSU, and Logan College of Chiropractic. After becoming a doctor at the end of 2018, I opened up my private chiropractic practice in Willoughby 6 months later. Soon after, I started working out at The Bar Athletics, and was approached to start coaching not long afterwards! Some time after I began my coaching journey, and though it is different from my profession, it parallels it in so many ways. Coaching is something I never thought I would do, which is why I pushed back when the idea was presented. But by stepping out of my comfort zone and into the role as a coach, I have become better. I have gotten better at explaining concepts, demonstrating movements, taking leadership of a room, and for that I have also become a better doctor. I really feel like I can bring my knowledge from treating patients into the 4 walls of this gym. Coaching was intimidating at first, but like anything, with enough practice, it has turned into something I love to do!

Turning Point

After having done CrossFit for 8 years, I was lucky to never have a serious injury. I thank the coaches I had in the past for that. But as soon as I stepped into The Bar Athletics, I knew something was different. They focused on form, slow controlled movement, quality over quantity. It was every chiropractor's dream! I knew that this was going to be the place that made me step away from "true" CrossFit because I believed in it, and still do. The movement patterns taught at The Bar are movement patterns for life. They are sustainable and the true definition of functional fitness. This was a turning point for me, though it doesn't seem big. The Bar embodies everything I stand for as a doctor, and therefore, I turned my focus to this form of fitness. In the world of spinal health, proper movement is vital. Everyone who comes to me is in a different season life, therefore, I must meet them where they're at and modify as necessary. I take movements I learn and perform at the gym into the walls of my own practice in addition to my treatment. The Bar has helped shape who I am and the standard of movement that I hold for every person I work with.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to spread my knowledge of correct functional movement to improve the quality of our athletes' workouts, prevent injury, and help them reach their fitness goals working in only pain-free ranges of motion. No workout performed is worth the risk of injury by slacking on the quality of movement., and I am motivated to spread that awareness!

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