Mike Danielson

Mike Danielson


Spartan Trifecta
6 minute mile
Half Marathon-Trail/OCR


NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Group Exercise
Steel Mace

About Coach

Hi, I'm Mike and I've been personal training for the past 4+ years. Before becoming a personal trainer I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years and deployed 3 times to Iraq with 3rd Battalion 6th Marines. After being honorably discharged I worked in construction as an underwater welder, became a certified EMT, as well as a licensed massage therapist. I also earned my black belt in Tae Kwon Do before graduating high school. My passion for fitness slowly grew after leaving the Marines. One of the things I enjoy most is being outdoors, whether it's hiking, mountain biking, offroading, camping, kayaking/rafting. This kept me in good shape but felt that there was room for improvement. After a few years I decided that I wanted to become a personal trainer and make fitness more apart of my life and to help others reach their goals. While I still very much enjoy being outdoors, incorporating a more focused approach to fitness has definitely improved, as well as expanded my hobbies. My main focus of training now is based on Obstacle Course Racing. It allows me to approach my training in a well-rounded approach. Focusing on strength, stamina, endurance, speed, balance and agility. I believe that fitness should be enjoyable, as well as a little challenging it shouldn't feel like a chore something you don't look forward to, It should also improve the quality and well-being of your life, not hinder it. <br /> Small daily improvements are the key to long-term results. <br /> I try to incorporate a wide variety of training methods and styles in my own training as well as those for clients. From strength training, weight lifting and strongman, to endurance training for obstacle course racing, trail running, biking and HIIT style training. I try to keep training fun and always try to learn new things from sandbag and atlas stone training, steel mace/club and kettlebell, ropes and suspension training and a minimalist approach utilizing body weight.

Turning Point

Motivation & Passion

I really enjoy training a wide variety of people. I educate myself as much as I can on different exercise, to help people reach their specific goals. My specialty focuses on OCR (Obstacle Course Racing) which covers everything from trail running, building strength/endurance, and incorporating a wide variety of different skills!

Client Testimonial

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