Meredith Reinhard

Meredith Reinhard

Team Lead, Coach, Movement Specialist, Nutrition Specialist, Community Relations, & Wellness Advocate

Being a former gymnast, handstands are my party trick! I like to think I can walk on my hands better than my feet. I'm also a good "pusher." No, not like a drug pusher (cue the 'Mean Girls' reference). I have been gifted with a perfect push-up since I was young and enjoy a good bench press. Just ask my old gym teacher and football coaches from high school! Sorry, not sorry boys!


- Master of Physician Assistant Studies, 2021- present
- Live Well Willoughby Liaison, 2018 - present
- Two Brain Nutrition Coach, 2021
- AHA BLS Certified, 2020
- Authentik Movement Workshop, 2020
- Corporate Wellness Coach, 2016-2019
- Fit4Mom Foundations Course, 2019
- BirthFit Coach Seminar, 2019
- The Body Awareness Project: Adrenals Course (Emily Schromm, NTP), 2019
- The Body Awareness Project: Skin Course (Emily Schromm, NTP), 2019
- CPR/AED Certified (National Safety Council), 2018
- Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Movement Seminar, 2018
- Two-Brain Business Summit, 2018
- Crossfit Weightlifting Certification, 2017
- Crossfit Scaling Course, 2016
- Crossfit L1 Certification, 2015
- Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, 2012

Hi! I’m Meredith. I am a current Master of Physician Assistant Studies student hoping to practice in Functional Medicine. I grew up right here in Northeast Ohio with my dad and my brother. Growing up I was always involved in something, sometimes too many things. I am someone who likes to stay active and it was ingrained in me from a young age. I began my athletic career as a gymnast and a t-ball player. My true love was gymnastics. It consumed my life and taught me some important life lessons about patience, hard work, and consistency. I truly believe that without gymnastics I would not be the person I am today. As a young child, it taught me the most about body awareness which has transferred to every single movement my body has made to this day. As I grew older, I eventually became a coach. I learned from some great coaches before me who taught me how to understand body patterns and fundamental movement. Eventually, I began to dabble in many other activities which included softball, bowling, track & field, cheerleading, and volleyball. Because I had such a solid foundation in gymnastics, I excelled in my athletic abilities. As my high school career ended, I couldn’t imagine not performing in college, therefore I stuck with my roots and tried out to become a Kent State Cheerleader. Collegiate cheerleading was different from anything I had done before. This was my first experience with stunting, aka lifting other humans above your head and performing acrobatic tricks. During my collegiate career, I cheered for football, men’s basketball, women’s basketball, and was able to compete as a team two times at cheerleading nationals.

Turning Point

After I graduated from Kent State University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, I felt so incredibly lost. I had grown up as an athlete going from sport to sport and team to team. Now I was thrust out into the world with a love for athleticism and no idea where to go or what to do with myself. The one thing that remained true to me was my love for daily movement. I always made sure to set aside 1-hour for myself to make it to the gym. It was here that I picked up where I left off as a gymnastics and cheerleading coach. I also began to fall in love with bodybuilding. After competing for a year in bodybuilding, I learned that there was no real functionality to the training besides trying to look good and get bigger muscles. As a former nutrition major, I was also not fond of the huge sacrifices and highs and lows of nutritional intake. 2014 - Enter Crossfit. It took me a long time to give in to this style of “working out for time.” However, I found that I related most to the olympic style lifting, gymnastic movements, and competitive nature. I found a gym with coaches that I loved (cough The Bar Crossfit cough) and I never looked back. After a few months, I decided I could see a future as a coach and became certified. Now, The Bar Athletics as we know it today does not provide traditional Crossfit workouts. However, we are still based in the roots of that programming. We as coaches have learned through our own journeys, what truly matters. What truly matters is not beating yourself to a pulp to feel like you have had a good workout. What truly matters is being able to do all of the other things that you enjoy out of life. From there we have developed a program to make sure people are moving well in all of the fundamental movements we face on a daily basis. As I sit here looking back at my athletic career from a child, into my teens, and entering adulthood I can confidently say that there has been an educated evolution of movement that is right for my body. I workout to stay strong, fit, healthy, and less prone to injury. I want to be able to ride bikes, kayak, and go on hikes well into my old age. The trophies I won as a child are great, but the ability to wake up in the morning as an adult and know that I can move well and move without pain is better.

Motivation & Passion

I am passionate about helping people achieve goals they didn’t even think they had. What do I mean by that? I mean that when people come to me with a goal, I hope I can enlighten them with information that might help them change their mindset and broaden their thinking. You might think you want this big bright shiny object, but once you start working towards getting that object you may find smaller, shinier objects along the way that make you much happier and healthier. As a current coach, wellness advocate, and future Physician Assistant, my hope is to educate and collaborate with individuals on optimizing their health in whatever way I can.

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