Kyle Hlebak

Kyle Hlebak


My Old Self - Squat - 355#, Bench - 250#, Deadlift - 430#, Snatch - 230#, Clean & Jerk - 275#, Fran - 3:10, Grace - 2:24, Diane - 4:48, Jackie - 6:41, Karen - 5:50. Feeling beat up, sore, and run down daily, but always chasing those 1-2# or 5-10 sec PR's.

My New Self - Train 5-6 times per week, 1 hour sessions safely and efficiently to be able to enjoy life's sports and adventures. Playing and enjoying softball, golf, and volleyball on a weekly basis and not feeling unable to walk the next day. Working on body awareness and sport specific mechanics. Seeking out and enjoying challenging hikes on vacations.


4 Years Coaching Experience
Terrain Race Ohio Finisher - 2019
CrossFit Cadre Crucible Team Competitor - 2018
Advanced Performance CrossFit Summer Sizzler Team Competitor - 2018
Carl Paoli's free+style Connection Seminar Attendee - 2018
Two Brain Business Chicago Summit Attendee - 2018
USAW Member 2016 - 2017
The Arnold Classic Weightlifting Championships Competitor - 2017
The Bar Athletics Bar Crawl III Competitor - 2016
MidWest Strongest Unicorn Weightlifting Competitor - 2016
CrossFit Open Judges Course - 2015
CrossFit Tripoint Stadium Games Team Competitor - 2015
CrossFit Open Judges Course - 2014
CrossFit Saol Reindeer Games II Team Competitor - 2014
CrossFit Remix Rumble Team Competitor - 2014
The Bar Athletics Bar Crawl II Competitor - 2014
Tough Mudder Ohio Finisher - 2014
Warrior Dash Hawaii Finisher - 2014

About Coach

Growing up playing baseball I never really focused much on the strength and conditioning aspect of it. I was naturally athletic, fast, and agile, but never much of a power threat. I played 2 years of high school baseball before a new head coach stepped in and I was cut from the team my Junior year. I was told, "in the past Juniors would make the JV squad and then be cut from varsity Senior year. I don't want to get your hopes up and do that to you guys." My Senior year I went to all the open gyms and training leading up to tryouts, skipped tryouts, and was then asked, "Why didn't you come to tryouts? We had a spot for you on the team." Go figure... I didn't want to play for that coach anyways.<br /> <br /> My focus turned to partying and my social life, which got me into a bit of trouble in college. I realized I needed to get my life in order and started going to the gym, mainly working on beach muscles with the bros trying to impress the ladies.<br /> <br /> After graduating college I was still doing the same bodybuilding-esque exercises, rarely focusing on conditioning, not knowing much about proper form, and just trying to lift as much weight as I could. I begrudgingly agreed to a free week trial at a local CrossFit gym with some coworkers because I had a crush on the girl who wanted us to join the gym. I really enjoyed the free week trial due to the new exercises and friendly competition of the group class atmosphere, but couldn't fathom the $120 a month to join the gym. I went back to my local Globo Gym the next Monday, said screw this, and signed up for a CrossFit membership that Monday after work and never looked back.<br /> <br /> I spent the next 4-ish years competing in various CrossFit and Weightlifting competitions while being a member at The Bar Athletics. As the coaches at The Bar were realizing trends in the fitness industry, we dropped the CrossFit name and really became one of the local pioneers on shifting the focus from the high intensity, competitive atmosphere to a more sustainable and longevity-focused heath and wellness epicenter.<br /> <br /> I was getting older, slower, injured, and more sore than I'd ever felt on a consistent basis. Begrudgingly at first, I must admit I was not a fan of slowing down and focusing on body control, muscle awareness, and time under tension movements, but I needed a change from constantly beating my body up. The opportunity arose to become a coach at The Bar and I could not say no. I always found myself watching and coaching other athletes in my head over the years, and I learned a lot of what I know today through videos of professional athletes and trying to mimic their movements and form.<br /> <br /> I realize today that my competitive days are behind me and my purpose is to create an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle for myself and others through proper movement. I hope to successfully be able to transfer the skills and knowledge that I have learned over the years onto others and help to improve their lifestyles.

Turning Point

See above.

Motivation & Passion

I went to school for Architecture and Construction, not Exercise Science, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, etc. I'm not a doctor or a nurse, I don't have many applicable "credentials"... so I would say to someone, if that makes you feel more comfortable, maybe I'm not the coach for you. What I will say, is whatever you are feeling, whether it be self-doubt in your abilities, fear or intimidation about joining a group class, unsure about training again after an injury or surgery, or something else... I have been there, to some degree over the past 10 years, and I know what you are feeling. I haven't seen it all and I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers, but I will help you to find the right path. The choice is yours to follow and pursue it. My purpose is to create an enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle for myself and others through proper movement, nutrition, health, and wellness. I hope to successfully be able to transfer the skills and knowledge that I have learned over the years onto others and help to improve their lifestyles.

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