Cathy Opaskar

Cathy Opaskar

FHIIT Camp Coach

Squat 100 lbs.,

Deadlift 120 lbs.,

Can perform a regular push up


ACE certified Personal Trainer

About Coach

Growing up I was the original couch potato. I didn’t do much of anything. I yo-yo dieted over the years. I eventually joined Elaine Powers ( no longer exists) with a friend. I discovered what I was able to eat rather than what I shouldn’t eat. That was a turning point for me. I also became more active by doing exercise. I’d lose weight than plateau. It took a while to lose weight. It didn’t happen over night. That is a better way to do it as you learn to readjust your eating habits. I started running in my late teens. That became something I enjoyed a lot. I was never a fast runner but I really enjoyed it. When I started having children, I took to biking ( with a stationary bike ). I also walked and still do. Since I started at the Bar, I have begun to run again but not regularly. I’m thrilled that I am even able to do that again! I’m still a slow runner but I’m ok with that.

Turning Point

I taught Body Sculpting classes for 20 years. I enjoyed the clients I taught but grew tired of doing that. I was torn as I really like the clients but was burning out. If there’s one good thing about coronavirus and the shut down, it’s that it helped me finally make the jump to leave. I took a break from teaching and just enjoyed participating in classes although I have learned so much ( and am still learning). I have started coaching the FHIIT Camp classes and I am enjoying that as well. Eventually I am hoping to have a few personal training clients as well.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help others get a good workout. My hope is to demonstrate movements in the workout and offer variations or alternative movements if needed. If there is an exercise someone is struggling with, my goal for them is not to be embarrassed or uncomfortable but to ensure a good and safe alternative. There have been many times where I’ve had to do a modified version of an exercise ( and still do ) and that’s ok. My hope is that a person who hasn’t exercised in a while will begin again or to motivate someone to start exercising. I want them to feel positive about exercising. If they enjoy what they are doing ( whether it’s walking or jogging or riding a bike if some sort ) they will be motivated to continue. The best exercise, in my opinion, is to do what you like to do. This will, hopefully, motivate you to keep at it.

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