Becca Puckrin

Becca Puckrin

Client Success Manager


About Client Success Manager

Growing up, I was not the athletic type, though I attempted middle school basketball, was a youth cheerleader and quickly grew too tall for gymnastics. Instead, you could find me squishing bugs, playing school, or cooking up various kitchen concoctions. I studied Biochemistry at the University of Mount Union for my undergraduate and currently working on my MBA with a focus on Leadership & Innovation. My wellness journey began shortly after getting engaged in November 2017 at the DTW tree lighting. The goal was to feel confident in my wedding dress! The convenient location of The Bar Athletics made the choice easy, but it didn’t take away the fear of starting something new. My first class was FHITT Camp with Coach Mike; the other athletes were so welcoming that I decided to come back. Fast forward to now, I am the Client Success Manager. I draft and send the monthly newsletters and Wellness Wednesday emails, assist with PushPress, and provide insight and ideas on various topics.

Turning Point

In my freshman year of college, I was diagnosed with a dozen food allergies resulting in eliminating common ingredients and a food depression. I finally took the time to address my relationship with food and consulted a dietitian and allergist to find the root cause and solutions. I introduced 90% of the ingredients into my diet and exceeded my wellness goals. I have learned lifelong healthy eating habits and listening to what my body needs throughout my wellness journey. Identifying my WHY is critical because it became easy to make excuses and skip group class without a goal. However, the strong culture, welcoming community, and amazing coaches at The Bar Athletics are dedicated to keeping you accountable.

Motivation & Passion

Often, it’s not the workout that gets us to the gym but the community and unspoken bond between athletes counting on each other to be there. As an athlete, I strive to achieve my goals and encourage others to be the best version of themselves. If you need a partner for Super Friend Saturday, I’ll be there! Want to know about an upcoming event? Check your email; I’ll keep you up to date on the latest happenings at The Bar Athletics. It brings me joy to serve our community and support athletes on their wellness journey. I look forward to seeing you at The Bar!

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